I think humans were meant to fly. I suppose it’s all been said before, and said quite poetically. But poetry is flowery, and makes it all sound too good to be true. The problem with that, is then it becomes nothing but a nice idea, something that we think about, say “oh what an adventure that would be,” and then put it aside and hunker down to battle real life. It becomes a dream, nothing more, an unattainable, yet pleasant dream. And then it becomes cliché. And once something is cliché, you may as well throw it away as a logical idea, because we’ve heard it so much our ears ring constantly with the echo. But I am inclined to agree with the poet.

I don’t know what it is inside of us, but we always seem to be restless, searching for the next great high or next amazing adventure. We never seem happy in the little things, and find it hard to enjoy every day as we are constantly looking to the next, hoping that in some miraculous way, it will be better. I’m speaking of me personally when I say this; I definitely can’t speak for the greater whole.  But for me, there’s something… I can’t explain what it is exactly…but something that makes me want to live the biggest life I can. Every day is full of adventures, and each seems grander than the last.

I know exactly what I’m searching for, and where I will ultimately find it. It’s in Something bigger than me, somewhere “further up and further in.” But for now, on the journey, I want to see everything I possibly can and understand the world through different eyes, from different experiences.  This world is an incredible place; no matter where I go the loveliness of everything I see, all of creation, never fails to amaze me. The differences that characterize this world are the differences that bind us together…it’s such an awesome paradox don’t you think?

So where does the “duckie” part fit into all of this? I couldn’t tell you! Apparently I am incredibly duck-like, as I’ve been nicknamed the same thing by a few different people now. And I love the name, something about it I identify with. My mom always said I was really animated, and I suppose a wee bit cute, which let’s face it, ducks really are. Either way I’m proud, and I hope I develop a damn good waddle eventually.

Oh yes, the flying. Bottom line is, I see it as more than a ‘dream big’ thing. It’s an unbound freedom in the day-to-day, no matter what that looks like. It’s the ability to live big, to live every day in those moments that just make you want to scream with joy; not just laugh, but full on scream. The kind of moments that make the smile on your face so large that it may just be stuck there, and you honestly hope that it is. There have been times I can remember, even those in the darkest of circumstances, where I have felt that fullness that you can’t even describe. Those I-am-so-full-with-joy-that-I-need-to-dance moments. It’s those moments that I live for, that I crave, that I glimpse along the journey. Those moments where you truly feel as though you can fly.

See you out there.



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  1. I’m working on a website for a non-profit and we’d like to use one of your photos. Please let me know if that’s possible and how we could proceed. Thank you!


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