Before Now…

This blog was started when Herb and I went to China for a year. Why China? We couldn’t tell you, although I will say that when a friend of yours emails out of the blue and invites you there for a year, it’s a very difficult thing to turn down. So once we agreed to go, I figured it was an excellent time to actually start documenting our adventures: photos and all.

Thankfully Herb and I are both seasoned travelers, and China was not our first rodeo. I say thankfully, because although this is a spectacular country, it is one of the more difficult I’ve found in terms of adjusting: being a blonde girl with unusually large blue eyes (I scare people sometimes; apparently they’re quite large) you tend to stand out here a lot, and people are constantly looking at you in wonder and taking your photo, which is surprisingly super uncomfortable if you’re just trying to blend in. Add to that the thousands of people constantly pressing into you as you battle your way through the crowds, the fact that there is always noise (people outside shops with bullhorns to attract you in, fireworks at midnight, then 7am, a neighbor doing home repairs until 1am above you, karaoke happening in the middle of the traffic islands), a mind-blowing amount of pollution, and the fact that you cannot even hope to awkwardly pronounce words and phrases, as everything is written in traditional Chinese characters. Yep, it is an easy enough place to travel, but to stay here a while? Whew.

Needless to say, I not only needed an outlet while here, but as I mentioned I also wanted a way to keep track of everything we’ve done. In the short time Herb and I have been together (just shy of two years), we’ve already seen quite a bit, and had some pretty amazing adventures. These are just a few that occurred prior to China. And to be honest, I really needed a place to share these…mostly because I want everybody to be able to go where we’ve been, these photos and stories are my shameless plugs for a magnificent world to explore.

Nearly Up Above – Hudson’s Bay: The Greatest Whale of Them All

Nearly Down Under – Backpacking New Zealand: A Tale of Three Islands, or From North to Stewart and Back Again

It’s our life as we’ve chosen it, nomads with no plans…sometimes dirty, sometimes challenging, and always an incredible journey. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. We’ll see you out here soon.

Lots of love.




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  1. I am looking thru this and I am so unbelieavbly proud to call you family. You amaze me and ive always looked up to you. 🙂 i hope you are having the time of your life. I love you!!!! Xo


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