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Aloha, With a Side of Spam

The first time we went to Hawaii, I was skeptical. It was spring of 2013, a time following the most shattering year in our lives to date, and one where we desperately just needed to get away, be somewhere new, and be together. I’ll be honest, this was a vacation chosen by my father and sister, who had always wanted […]

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I remember when I first learned about Cambodia. Before Angkor Wat became a must-see tourist destination, before Angelina Jolie’s multi-cultural adoption spree, there was Mister Winfrow’s high school history class. I remember watching the Killing Fields, a dramatic re-telling of the bloody years of the reign of the Khmer Rouge, and wondering how the heck I had never even heard […]

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Late For The Party

If you’ve ever been to a high school party, or any gathering for that matter, you know that nobody shows up early. If it starts at 7, do not be there at 7! You show up early, and you’ll find yourself either put to work making the guacamole and doling out snack mix into multicolored bowls, or sitting in a […]

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