The Beauty of the Human Form


This is my first album from my first month in China…which consists largely of pictures from a short jaunt we took to nearby Danxiashan. And by nearby I mean around 400km away…which honestly feels like nothing when travelling the bullet train! That sucker can go over 300km…just shy of warp speed I’m told.

Danxiashan was absolutely beautiful. Peaceful, much quieter than the city (although coming from our apartment everywhere is quieter). The park itself was filled with mountains and spires, staircases carved out centuries ago that gave new meaning to the word “steep,” and monasteries on the tippy tops that had the most amazing views (and monks)! Oh yes, and it’s also full of rock formations in the shape of phallic symbols: the Male Organ Stone, Female Organ Stone, Boobie Stones… If you don’t believe me, check out this admission card.


Kind of takes your breath away, doesn’t it?

That is an actual photo of the actual rock formation…I know, I seen it! They are super proud of this place, and you can buy souvenirs in the shape of the male organ. Which are basically life-size wooden weenies. I never would have thought a place like this would exist here!

You may also notice that these shots are all taken in the early evening. During our time there, it was a consistent 40oC without factoring in the humidity every single day. So we basically lounged around the room until the evening, and then hiked our little patooties off once it got a wee bit cooler. We averaged around 2-3L of water each during our evening outings, and still came home dehydrated. I don’t know how that guy carrying the water up the mountain did it…

So here are the photos from that trip, the ones without the enormous geological private parts.

4 Replies to “The Beauty of the Human Form”

  1. These are so beautiful Dana, and I’m so happy that you made the blog because now I get to follow and be inspired by your amazing journey, while also getting to hear about cool things like mountains with phallic symbols on it… Win-Win if you ask me 😛


  2. Hey world traveller! Your stories and pictures are amazing. You are so talented! Thanks for giving us more stationary folk a glimpse of the incredible world in which we live 🙂


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