Black and White and Red All Over

In our quest for the perfect Chinese New Year, we found ourselves spending a lot of time (when not partying with the locals or crying in Rilong) in Chengdu – a very pretty city in the Sichuan province of China with a Western feel and a whole lot more breathing room.

If you ever get the chance to visit a Chinese city, I would recommend Chengdu. So far it is mine and Nic’s absolute favorite, from the cleaner city streets to the incredible regional cuisine (dumplings and noodles), this city is a joy, and comes complete with a giant statue of Chairman Mao…large and in charge day or night.


And if a real Chinese experience is what you’re after never fear; you still may get a monkey thrown at you as you walk down the streets (like I did…this little guy got chucked at my head)…


There are still countless temples for you to wander through…


And this is still the home of the Panda Sanctuary, where you can watch these adorable creatures (of both the Giant and Red varieties) as they do what Pandas do best: love that bamboo.

PANDAS…they’re just like us! We watched these guys essentially reenact a typical morning at our house (Nic is the one trying to sleep, I am the one sitting on his head):

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