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As Close To Tibet As We Get

When I was growing up, there was a restaurant called the Mandarin not far from my house. As children, it was definitely one of our favorites. This restaurant was the epitome of Chinese food as we knew it: chicken balls, lemon chicken, mashed potatoes, pizza – sushi served and replenished by charming young Chinese blokes named “Hank” or “Frederick.” Authentic, […]

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A Truth Revealed

A stunning mountain vista: etched pink and gold against a setting sun, every crack and crevice in every rock glistening like molten lava. A soft field of grass dotted with wildflowers swaying gently against your legs in an evening breeze. A crystal brook bubbling cheerfully near your feet, its origins in the mighty stream that you can see at the […]

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L’Amour, Asian Style

I love to travel: the thrill of seeing someplace new, daring to dream and actually do, and most of all learning on an intimate level the ins and outs of different cultures. It’s a fascinating experience every time, truly eye opening. And you definitely learn a lot, particularly if you spend some quality time in one place. For instance, if […]

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