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I’ve been in China now for a few months, almost six (dang), and it has been an adventure to say the least. Not the sort of adventure I’m used to, mind you, where each day brings with an excitement and the mystery of “where will I end up? Who will I meet? I am SO excited to wake up this morning!” […]

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Seeing the Big Stuff

The Chinese love their holidays. Since we’ve been here we’ve gone through several, and each one is a cross-country celebration involving lanterns, family and food. Although to be honest, it’s China, and every day is a celebration involving lanterns, family and food. The last such holiday was what is referred to locally as the “Golden Week,” where for around 10 […]

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The Beauty of the Human Form

  This is my first album from my first month in China…which consists largely of pictures from a short jaunt we took to nearby Danxiashan. And by nearby I mean around 400km away…which honestly feels like nothing when travelling the bullet train! That sucker can go over 300km…just shy of warp speed I’m told. Danxiashan was absolutely beautiful. Peaceful, much […]

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