I’ve had the amazing privilege to travel often for my entire life, one of the perks of being born to extremely adventurous parents. I have gotten to see so many beautiful places, meet so many interesting people, collect so many crazy stories, and live to tell about all of them (which is always a plus)! And I plan to keep going…there is just so much left to see, so many experiences yet to have (I mean, look at how empty that map is). I know I’ll never hit them all, but I’ll have a great time trying!

Here is where I’ve been (more or less) and where I am right now…ever onwards, ever upwards!


Want to see posts from a specific area? Click on the links below to visit the destination of your choice!


Canada – James Bay

Canada – The Yukon Territory

Canada – The Northwest Territories

Canada – Newfoundland and the East Coast


China – Beijing

China – Chengdu

China – Lion Island

China – Rilong

China – Danxiashan

China – Shenzhen

China – Hangzhou

New Zealand

The US – Hawaii

The US –┬áRoad Trip

The US – The Wind River Range, Wyoming

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